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Are you living the life that God predestined for you?

Step Forward Ministries is here to guide you. Jackie Parker’s faith-based life-coaching methodology can serve as your North Star to empower you and ensure that your goals and actions are aligned with what matters most in your life.

Meet Jackie

Jackie Parker, MBA, CPCC is an intuitive coach, gifted with the ability to provide the right answers to perplexing questions and life decisions. She teaches you to step into the unfamiliar, stare down the fear that holds you back and stand firm in your own power and influence. With God as our collective source of strength, Jackie will pose several questions of her clients: What’s important to you? Is Your Life on Track? Are You Fulfilled? Through inspirational co-active coaching, she will help you connect with your inner spirit and guide you to surrender living in the past or the future, so that you can simply embrace the energy that comes from what IS.

The Framework For Your Success

Jackie has spent years developing a proprietary faith-based life-coaching model consisting of three distinct components:

Courageous Conversations

Individual or group coaching that takes place under a designed alliance where Jackie and her clients agree to get real and pull back the covers

God’s Plan

A five-step strategic work plan uniquely designed for each client that will introduce you to leadership principles you never knew you had

The Birthing Experience

This is the place of God’s presence where Jackie leads each client through worship, prayer and travailing in the spirit to give birth to seeds of promises, possibilities and potential

What Others Say About Jackie

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