Spiritual Change Agent

An unapologetically Christian business leader who fiercely advocates for other women. A wife. A mother. A woman on a mission. This is Jackie’s calling. It’s what she was put on this earth to do. She has the unique ability to see into your soul and tell you what you are struggling with. She is gifted with the ability to provide the right answers to perplexing questions and life decisions, and she teaches you to step into the unfamiliar, stare down the fear that holds you back and stand firm in your own power and influence. Jackie’s goal is to use her calling to help individuals eliminate fear and learn to live their lives on purpose.

Jackie’s Journey

Standing in a beautifully-appointed boardroom leading a discussion on global strategy and diversity and inclusion, Jackie Parker, a well-respected executive at the top of her game, looked around one day and realized there was so much more for her to do in this lifetime. She has always brought passion and intellect to every position she’s ever held—from Russell Athletics to Newell Rubbermaid to General Motors—but there was a bigger calling and a constant rumbling in her soul that first came as a whisper, then as a shout. This was God telling Jackie that although she has been on what feels like a thousand journeys through corporate America, her real journey has just begun.

Jackie, along with her husband, anchor and coach, Zach Parker, CEO and President of DLH Holdings, launched Step Forward Ministries. Jackie is an intuitive coach, an intercessor, an accomplished strategist and a spiritual change agent. She moves through this world with grace, clarity and true peace, knowing that God has called upon and anointed her to guide women and men to connect with their inner spirit.

Jackie’s inspirational co-active coaching experience is designed for those who want to find success in their leadership capabilities by unleashing their own God-given power.

With infectious energy and a deep knowing, Jackie disarms you with her witty sense of humor and a strategic life-coaching methodology she has spent years cultivating. She immediately puts you at ease with her thousand-watt smile and her desire to reach down into your soul and pull out the very best in you. Jackie listens intently and with laser sharp, almost surgical precision, delivers spiritual guidance and coaching that leads you to know and act upon your highest self.


  • Experience working with a diverse population
  • Experience working with people with disabilities and their families
  • Life-long learner
  • Personal experience obtained as a manager, employee, customer and entrepreneur, not to mention as an immigrant, mother, spouse, and provider!