Spiritual Change Agent

An unapologetically Christian business leader who fiercely advocates for other women. A wife. A mother. A woman on a mission. This is Jackie’s calling. It’s what she was put on this earth to do. She has the unique ability to see into your soul and tell you what you are struggling with. She is gifted with the ability to provide the right answers to perplexing questions and life decisions, and she teaches you to step into the unfamiliar, stare down the fear that holds you back and stand firm in your own power and influence.

Jackie, along with her husband, anchor and coach, Zach Parker, CEO and President of DLH Holdings, launched Step Forward Ministries. Jackie is an intuitive coach, an intercessor, an accomplished strategist and a spiritual change agent. She moves through this world with grace, clarity and true peace, knowing that God has called upon and anointed her to guide women and men to connect with their inner spirit.

Jackie’s goal is to use her calling to help individuals eliminate fear and learn to live their lives on purpose. With infectious energy and a deep knowing, Jackie disarms you with her witty sense of humor and a strategic life-coaching methodology she has spent years cultivating. She immediately puts you at ease with her thousand-watt smile and her desire to reach down into your soul and pull out the very best in you. Jackie listens intently and with laser sharp, almost surgical precision, delivers spiritual guidance and coaching that leads you to know and act upon your highest self.

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (Coaches Training Institute)
  • Former President, General Motors Foundation
  • Former President, Newell Rubbermaid Foundation
  • Corporate experience as a Diversity & Inclusion Executive
  • 100 Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America – Savoy Professional Magazine
  • Diversity Magazine Woman Worth Watching
  • Executive Leadership Council
  • Leadership Atlanta
  • Global Leadership Experience
  • Life-long learner

Break Free!

Jackie’s program is designed to help you find your inner strength to break free from limitations.

Using the gift of the Holy Spirit to speak into the soul of her clients, Jackie helps individuals get unstuck and make better, wise decisions for their lives. This unique gift of discernment that the Holy Spirit transfers to Jackie will help illuminate options for you to see in your circumstances from new angels, so you can be sure that you have given solid consideration to impact and consequences before you step forward.

A three-step coaching process structured to help you:

  • Listen to your inner spirit to guide lead and direct you in their everyday decision-making.
  • Discover from the inside out
  • Look behind every question, and
  • Engage in courageous conversation

What is a Spiritual Change Agent?

Someone who:
• Has the calling and the power to act
• Is focused upon the possibilities of a positive change for the future
• Is actively engaged in creating that future
• Leads others within their sphere of influence towards that change
• Fosters our relationship with that divine transcendent power and presence

What Jackie Believes

That life is too short, and tomorrow isn’t promised for any of us.

For the short time we are here on this earth, each of us have been given an assignment to accomplish. Jackie is here to help you step into that promise that God created for your life.

She calls it stepping FORWARD into your promise.