I no longer want to live in the shadows of my dreams.


To be simply me. My flaws, my shades of grey, my imperfections are all a part of my authentic self. I don’t want to be you! No, I want to be the best of me that God designed in his architect room.

The fact of the matter, I can’t be the authentic version of my self if I keep copying you. Being mesmerized by the highlights of your perfect life makes me feel like my life isn’t worthy of highlights. So naturally, I go searching for my highlights.

Being the best me is embracing all of my flaws and imperfections and handing them over to God for Him to smooth out.

I realize you can’t validate the designer of this architect. You don’t have His thoughts, and your mind couldn’t handle understanding all of what He put into this design. It would confuse the cellular structures out of your brain.

So, why do I seek permission from you to “Be” me, when you are not the Chief Architect of this design?


Simply put, being the best me, is about taking that giant leap forward into the dreams of my soul. The thoughts that I see that are kept hidden in the basement of my soul.

For the next three days, I’m going to Grand Cayman Marriott Beach – to meditate, relax and work on my self for my self. I will not be seeking your approval for my actions. I will not allow my mind to disturb me and make me think that when we meet; you are automatically judging me because I don’t need your acceptance to “Be me.”

The next three days – I CHOOSE ME.

I am unashamedly embracing the “concept” of “loving me” back into my vocabulary.

Don’t get me wrong! I love you too.

But God knows, I need to love me right now at this moment a little bit more than I love you.

For the next three days, I’m not my kid’s mom or my sexy husband’s wife.

I am that 21-year-old girl, who started out believing “she could”!